lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

Free Lightweight Desktop Application for File Conversion

How many times have you found yourself in a situation, professionally or otherwise, in which you had to use information that was locked inside a PDF? It’s probably happened many times, and in such a situation, you would probably try and find a free online service that allows you to convert files from certain formats into various other ones. If you have done this search, then you have probably already stumbled upon Cometdocs.

On the market for well over four years now, Cometdocs is an all-encompassing document management service that is also known for being one of the fastest and most reliable free file conversion services available. Cometdocs has recently made many additions to its service, offering an iOS mobile app version, an API service for developers looking to integrate Cometdocs’ conversion technology into their own apps, and last but certainly not least, a great desktop app that makes conversion even easier than before.

Instead of having to access the service via web browser, registered Cometdocs users can take advantage of this great new desktop app to perform conversion without opening their browsers and with one simple click of the mouse.

Here are some features of this free and lightweight desktop application that will be sure to spark the interest of anyone who converts files online on a regular basis.

Top-notch resource efficiency

The desktop app is incredibly lightweight and more importantly, it’s not performing the conversions itself. The app simple allows you to send your file off to Cometdocs’ online servers quickly and conveniently. So the entire process is occurring online, not within the app, which means that it will never slow down any processes occurring on your computer while you are making your conversions.
It’s great for multi-tasking
Ever tried converting a very large file with a browser-based conversion tool? Nine times out of ten, your browser will either crash or slow down so much that you won’t be able to do anything while the file is being uploaded. This desktop app allows you to by-pass the browser entirely and send your files directly to the Cometdocs’ server for conversion, which frees up your browser for effortless browsing and continuing to work on various projects while your large file is being converted.

Conversion options are almost limitless

Not only does Cometdocs never put a limit on page number like most conversion sites do, but it also has a gargantuan amount of conversion options. Convert PDFs to a huge variety of file types and create PDFs from just as many.

Simple, convenient and very speedy conversions

Using the desktop app, you can send your files off to conversion with just one click. Simple right-click the file you want converted and choose the conversion type you want. Once the conversion is finished, the file will be automatically downloaded into the directory in which your original file is located. No need to open your browser or check your email for a download link – it’s automatic.

If this sounds like something that could come in handy for you, register for a free Cometdocs account – if you don’t already have one – and try it out. It’s free, it’s fast, it’s convenient, and most importantly, the conversions are incredibly accurate. 

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